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    George Muthoot George, director of the Muthoot Group and owner of Xandari Resort in Alajuela, visited the country with the aim of exploring new properties to invest and expand his portfolio.

    The alajuelense hotel experience has become an export brand that has inspired other hotels of the corporation in India.


  • Xandari Resorts

    La Nacion

    The company Muthoot Group intends to invest in Costa Rica about $ 40 million in hotel developments, under the concept and brand of Xandari Hotels.

    This was announced on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 20 George Muthoot George, Asian investor and owner of a business in the country.


  • Xandari Resorts

    Revista Summa

    George M George, director of the Muthoot Group, and one of the most successful businessmen in Asia, is visiting Costa Rica to assess possibilities for expansion in the country, under the concept of Xandari Hotels.

    Xandari Hotels is a brand that was born in Costa Rica that offers its guests an experience that bases its business model on the axis of sustainability, with the use of alternative energies and a great emphasis on the development of the local community and the conservation of the native flora and fauna of the area.


  • Xandari Resorts

    Travel Andar Magazine is at Xandari Resorts .

    George Muthoot George, visionary of the hotel concept # XandariXperiences tells us in this exclusive interview, how the acquisition of the # Xandari hotel in # CostaRica , was the engine for the export of the brand and its sustainable model to India; founding three other hotels there also under the name of Xandari. In this interview, in his words, he also mentions his attraction to Costa Rica and the expansion plans.


  • Xandari Resorts
    Kerala Marari Words & Photography Feb 2018

    Kerala's Best Kept Secret

    Marari beach, off the popular trail, is blessedly tranquil and lulls you into lolling on its sands, playing beach volleyball, glimpsing the pristine lifestyle of fisherfolk and gorging on their catch-cooked and served fusion-style at a luxe resort.

    Words & Photography

  • Xandari Pearl- "...Beautiful seamless stretch of sand, water and greenery"

  • Shades of Green : Built around delivering experiences, a new hospitality group is. offering service and style, while bettering the planet and helping its people!

  • Just as parents cannot choose between their brood of children and declare one a favourite over the others, we too cannot say which Xandari resort was our favourite. Was it Xandari Harbour, Xandari Pearl, or the houseboat? Each was unique but all three have the Xandari stamp of excellence... a deep respect for the past and the environment combined with 21st century chic; cuisine that did kathakali on our taste buds, and scenic locations with nature just an arm's reach away. Throw in smiling proactive staff and an immersive menu of activities which ensured there was never a dull moment...and you have a holiday to remember! Warm regards,

    Gustasp & Jeroo Irani
    Travel Writers I Photographers

  • Xandari Costa Rica- '..Mountainside Slice Of Paradise'

  • Xandari Costa Rica- '...colourful gem, with thatched spa and pools'

  • At Xandari the three Cs - Community, Collaboration and Conservation set the tone for a group that took inspiration from its iconic property in Costa Rica. The fact that the MD, George M George roots the hotels in local culture elevates the stay experience.

  • Xandari Harbour- '...Witness jaw-dropping waterfront views from your room'

  • It was an honour and privilege to have been invited over to trace the concept of "farm to table" and sustainable agriculture with the Xandari Resorts. There was more than just food on offer with cordial service and jovial staff all throughout the Xandari properties. Interacting with the chefs and farmers at Xandari was a benevolent exchange of knowledge on "fresh produce used in cooking " which has truly been a thing of joy to last a lifetime for a food enthusiast like me.

    Oneal Sabu, author - Soul Fried Monologues and food writer, vlogger for Foodwalkasia

  • Xandari Resorts

    Xandari Costa Rica, Costa Rica

  • Xandari Resorts

    Xandari Harbour, Fort Kochi

  • Xandari Resorts

    Xandari Pearl, Marari Beach

  • Xandari Resorts

    Xandari Riverscapes, Alleppey